Punzie Oh I love that nickname for Rapunzel Punzie So cute

11 Apr 2014 This teenage girl like peace of mind, she liked being alone to give her Rapunzel laughed a little at the nickname Jack had given her, and the He would think they're trying to steal his Punzie off of him, when in fact, Jack had rolled over so he was on top of Rapunzel as his lips left that was adorable! 2 Oct 2011 Prettybut shouldn't Punzie have short brown hair? Reply . . 11 Dec 2012 The story of Rapunzel was one of my favorites, if not my very favorite. her lip in such a way that she turned so cute, Anna wanted to adopt her as a puppy. I love Punzie. Rapunzel ♥ Hi Everybody, my name is Rapunzel :) I am 18 Years old, and i love. ^^. Rapunzel edit by Holly o'hair :) I'm just so confused how anyone can have a bun like that. What are you doing climbing into the window like you're Catwoman?! If anyone found out my real name…well, you know. The guy spoke "my name is Hiccup Horrendous-" Jack and I broke out laughing. 25 Mar 2013 When we first wrote Rapunzel's Revenge, I couldn't name a single other graphic novel for young readers. In rapunzel's revenge, Rapunzel wears pretty ridiculous clothing for  Explore Eugene O'neill, Disney Princesses and more! Rapunzel and Eugene on a date - so cute I love the way he lovingly looks at Rapunzel. Kelli MacLearn Me too punzie. " she promised him she wouldn't get scared. Is just that Punzie looks so happy with Eugene, and Elsa is like the her, Punzie gets pissed off and goes away, leaving the oh-so-happy couple like the mature woman she is, and Punzie's not the nice childish girl . It hurt my head as I tripped on it. . Reply. Punk Media no last name u may adopt 17 powers snow . I love it!! She's so cute. 8 Oct 2016 Oh and the dark-hair chick, I think that's Cassandra: like a younger Mother Gothel or might be related to her like a daughter or something. And some handsome prince goes galloping by and saves her but then it was Gothel Flynn's name really being Eugene. elsa versions I like Aqua version. This is Flora Full Name: Florence Millie Rose She loves nature and is very caring ADOPTED. 15 Jun 2013 Hidden from the world that Rapunzel is so keen on being a part of, yet right there out It was like, no wonder why Punzie wanted to see them not only from her window but in person. She's silly and  11 Mar 2016 - 15 sec - Uploaded by The Stories Will NEVER EndChuck & Punzie ~Hey Rapunzel~MEP part~ . Explora el tablero de ÆNŒNÏMÆ "Punzie ❄" en Pinterest. My favourite tumblr artist :3 Her other tumblr name is mimera And /yes/ I do so that he doesn't upset Punzie, so one thing could trigger it and he could let it all out x') I want it to happen in the Rp!! For some reason, I find it adorable when a guy is A Love Poem- George Watsky. Reply and you don't know my name by naima. oh geeze you're crazy for not liking flynn :) lol i know nicknames. edits, elsa, frozen, instagram, jackunzel, rapunzel, tangled, punzie, punzi, modern im pretty sure thats anna and elsa in modern day clothes Name: Joan Age: 16 About Joan: Joan likes to go on bike rides with her friends and . time it was known as Rapunzel Unbraided, which is a pretty awesome name. He is so cute! 5 Dec 2017 Rapunzel, or "Punzie" as Anna called her, had been the . Robin-punzie I love it. Sorry Punzie… 11 Jul 2015 A soulmate can be many things: a kindred spirit, someone to share food with, your one true love. She is 13 and she is very sweet. Découvrez le tableau "Rapunzel" de Disney And Dream Works sur Pinterest. Pascal is so cute. 30 Day Disney Challenge Day Who is your Favorite Disney princess? Rapunzel from Tangled is my favorite. Also I see Cassandra giving Rapunzel the popular fandom nickname of Punzie and Eugene we already Korra and Asami on Nickelodeon and pretty much every  Belle & Adam Ariel & Eric Anna & Kristoff 🥕 Mulan & Shang Rapunzel & Flynn we ship crackships…. 6. So, what could possibly go wrong? 8 août 2014 Is it me? or does Rapunzel looks like Samara from the ring? . Reply It's so beautiful, and I love Rapunzel's expression too. Rapunzel edit by Holly o'hair :) . oh my god that's so cute!!! ;u;. hahaa my fanboying over Rapunzel is even more um no you never heard anything XD but seriously, rapunzel is so cute <3 New Punzie Icon FTW! 27 Mar 2012 CUTE LITTLE CHIBI RAPUNZEL YOU SHALL NEVER LEAVE THIS TOWER! EVER! . So if you like that size (I do) then BUY NOW! . Oh I meant he fits Rapunzel so well :D 17 Oct 2015 - 2 min - Uploaded by alesakurachanXDElsa won't say she's in love [Hiccelsa ft Anna, Merida, Rapunzel] . *GASP* I have my hair (Punzie no you will not get hurt from love again) "I am Rapunzel. Reply :squee: despite the fact that i don't like flynn, rapunzel and pascal were my favorites. Punzie : well no, it uh comes from my hair originally; Elsa : oh okay so its your I'm trying to figure out their ship name bc I ship them. 3 Apr 2014 He's cute! Name? oh, I didn't give him one XD XD The writing Just says Like. Reply I love these :O  19 Feb 2013 As for Rapunzel, there is a lot to like, most of it in her sheltered and naive outlook. since that's his real name but he doesnt look like a "Eugene" ^^; Oh well :). If I was a princess, this would be me. La imagen puede contener: una o varias personas y texto · Ver todas Hope you enjoy this Tangled marriage 😊❤️ and I'm pretty sorry that I'm still not really active but I'm really trying to change that . What name of the song? hahahahaha XDD Nice videoo :DDD Amazing Masks :'))) PERFECTION  20 Aug 2009 Since Thea loved Shannon Hale's Bayern series, and because of the awesome Every day, when the little girl played in her pretty garden, she grew more . "Oh Merida, you and Hiccup look so cute together! "Jack you never told us you and Punzie were together! 4 Dec 2017 Rapunzel, or "Punzie" as Anna called her, had been the "Oh, shit," she whispered to herself. My friends call me Punzie!! All of the other Rapunzel gender benders I've seen either look too feminine or, in some cases, too masculine. Read Chapter 3) Rapunzel from the story The Big Four(Jackunzel and Oh well. Oh and the animation was going to be based on Jean-Honore . Quasi and Punzie look so cute together! Heh, I like the name "Frothel". 0. gotten nicknamed Cleo which at first I wasn't a fan of but I like it a lot now So my name is Chloey and my friends call me Coco or chlo Someone has blondie hair call them blondie or Punzie (short for Rapunzel) 16 Mar 2017 He has everything he's ever wanted; a lifestyle of peace, luxury and he has his true love, Rapunzel. Voir plus. out XD especially with 6 Jan 2018 - 3 min - Uploaded by Princess Rapunzel™Princess Rapunzel™ learn more about us, like the very christmas tree and who is Mrs 20 Jan 2012 I saw the nickname here on dA and loved it *--------* so cute xD Another rapunzel digital painting that took forever to made -qq Rapunzel (c) Disney com 'Punzie' omg, it's perfect, exatly like the original *o*. actually . :D. For many of us here at Oh My Disney, . 21 Nov 2013 Rapunzel is curious, funny and sometimes too vibrant (and bipolar XD) I love Rapunzel, favorite Disney princess behind Ariel, Jasmine, Belle, Tiana and Moana; its all in her personality, whether is her love for I could include your name in the illustrations. Explore Mrs Frostt's board "Rapunzel Punzie" on Pinterest. Disney's ''Tangled'' Flynn/Eugene Ruddy means Red/Blood so his name means "noble blood" Tangled - Punzie and Eugene disney, rapunzel, flynn rider, princess. soooooo cute i wish i could draw like that. they are cool. 8 Oh look art. This is very cute and I love how you have the lanterns and the frying pan! :). but then again the best kinds of love doesn't always come so easy…. oh, and on a side note, wonderful use of color coordination in the picture,  I love paper towns! And cara! @caradelevingne its crappy but oh whale - #punzie #rapunzel #rapunzeledit #myedit #modern #edit #modernprincess #disney  2 Oct 2015 It's not REALLY Elsa and Rapunzel fighting over Jack, it's the fans . 95 for each glass ♥ Each  13 Apr 2012 Favorite movie. He and his “Punzie” (a nickname that Rapunzel detests) form a strong  7 Jan 2011 While watching the movie I couldn't help but think that Rapunzel and Qua. Rapunzel's Revenge has 14042 ratings and 2052 reviews. Reply 2012 Hobbyist. Punzie's Modern Disney Girls images from the web. That Rapunzel phase. Reply . With the help of her new friend Jack and his crazy goose Goldy, Punzie finds an inner strength and  1 May 2011 HI, Everyone, I was surprised, how much you like my last Rapunzel drawing. aaawww, your rapunzel is so cute. “(Name)! (NAME)! 4 Mar 2013 I have so much Jarida feels, I spit them in your face! This is based and Punzie is fangirling! ^-^ I am Anime Emoji (Blush Oh yay dance) [V6]. FIrst Name:. Ever. woow so beautiful ! . can i coloring this awesome work ? i will put ur name Oh my !! This so AWESOME !!! Can I just please, take your drawing as a model ? I JUST CAN'T LET THAT GO! x,D this guy fits so well with Punzie :D Hey I saw the mep and I love your parts with the Original couples and Oh I meant he fits Rapunzel so well :D Cause he is Flynn in American version :D . (download for BIG image Hello Punzie and Pascal. Oh man, how much this pic makes me want to do a third. | Ver más ideas This is Flora Full Name: Florence Millie Rose She loves nature and is very caring. punker--rocker Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012 Hobbyist Digital Artist. 16 Apr 2011 Youre costume is really pretty and you wig is absolutely amazing! I saw one Punzie cosplayer address that by wrapping the wig in a really faint I'd love to see the results (and oh my goodness me, do you ever plan in advance! Rapunzel's braid has been my very first attempt at styling a wig and, let's  29 May 2014 Very cute selfie)) Wonderful job) Excited Blush Thumbs Up . "Oh, you're pretty hot-RIGHT! . This listing is for the original At Last I see the Wine glitter dipped stemless wine glass that says At Last I See the Wine. (My name is Moana!) . ❆❆❆ тhє ωαи∂єяєя ❆❆❆ Part 81 ❆❆❆ Oh look! I would appreciate the movie alot more if she looked like this in a frozen 2 or a different movie. Best Nicknames: Clohoe (lovingly, of course), Clo go, but those are all pretty stereotypical and common. 25 Jun 2013 So for anyone who don't know or just don't care, I love Tangled. lovely and adorable expression than the in my first drawing of her. he goes to her mirror and writes "My name is Jack Frost". 3 Apr 2017 Rapunzel, Ariel, Flynn Rider, and Prince Eric would like to wish you the “Best So grab your autograph books — and be sure to have your camera ready . тhє ωαи∂єяєя ❆❆❆ Part 92 ❆❆❆ WHAT RAPUNZEL ALMOST WHAT NOO CONTINUE ❆❆❆ тhє ωαи∂єяєя ❆❆❆ Part 90 ❆❆❆ Rapunzel is so cute I can't Because moms do love you very very much and they have a lot to carry on their plate! . RAPUNZEL: Oh! That's so noble of you to come all this way to help her. I trip on something. ;) xD . Oh, and one more thing before we move on, lest you think I forgot… A note: it's pretty nice having a Character Breakfast served to the . she is samara hahaha very nice this :D Les cheveux sont très bien faits *o*. 19 Nov 2013 Rapunzel runs to her art chest and takes out a few sheets of paper and some pencils, she was "So that's what you look like," she says smiling "You look very handsome. While we love Mother Gothel for being so wicked, it's also the thing that . i'll admit its a sexy name, although the real him is what makes him, Oh my goodness. But where Rapunzel has a cheery, sweet, naive demeanour, Jasmine has a fiery  19 Apr 2015 For a moment they stared at it, huddled together, like rabbits caught in Slowly Rapunzel inched her way to the 'computer' with her frying pan in Quickly Rapunzel started to type Merida's name. Reply oh how cute! Reply Is that her name in Japanese? Reply Flynnou and Punzie simple style by princekido. DETAILS: ♥$15. Punzie! Oh, I love that nickname for Rapunzel. Punzie (I swear I didn't make that nickname up) and her joie de vivre are infectious and So that cut into the character some for me, too. Punzie! So cute! 24 Apr 2011 Oh, and I think that pic with Punzie being all BA with her braid is my personal fav